Skin Topical THC: Alaskan Rescue Balm

Alaskan Rescue Balm is a high-THC skin topical manufactured in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska. The story of how Cold Creek Extracts got started is rooted in this product, among others.

Cade, the creator of Alaskan Rescue Balm, began experimenting with topical cannabis applications while searching for non-steroidal products to soothe his diagnosed muscatel/skeletal pain. Unwilling to settle for common prescription medications that are known to cause long-term stomach, kidney and liver damage, he searched for a more natural remedy to alleviate his physical discomfort.

After years of home trials and perfecting the recipe, Alaskan Rescue Balm was born.

While Cade uses this marijuana concentrate topical primarily to relieve his pain, anecdotally, he also enjoys using this THC-infused topical balm on burns, bug bites, and even dry skin - it's a fantastic moisturizer.*

Our Alaskan Rescue Balm is easy to use. Simply massage it well into the skin, wherever you’d like to feel the effects of topical THC.

*The above anecdote is personal experience from the creator of this topical. The State of Alaska does not acknowledge medical marijuana, and as such, no broad medical statements are legally allowed. Cold Creek Extracts makes no claims this product has been medically tested.

  • Lightly scented with essential oils

  • Rub well directly into skin (hands, feet, shoulders, any external skin)

  • No artificial colors or preservatives added

  • Topical activated THC & other cannabinoids

  • Discreet

  • No smoking involved