Cannabis Concentrates: Pull’n’Snap Shatter & Sugar Wax

Cold Creek Extracts produces many different kinds of recreational marijuana concentrates in Alaska, but two of our concentrate classics are the Pull’n’Snap Shatter and cannabis Sugar Wax.

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Pull-n-Snap Shatter

Unlike many shatter manufacturers who use butane, our pull-n-snap shatter is made using a cold wash ethanol extraction technique. Cannabis concentrate connoisseurs oftentimes say they can taste remnants of butane in shatter and wax extracted via butane, thus choosing to only partake in CO2 or ethanol extracted concentrate products.

Shatter gets its name from its appearance and the final production/packaging stage. We place full-extract ethanol hash oil onto a flat food-grade surface, then place it in a vacuum oven to remove any remaining grain alcohol. After the vacuum oven processing is complete, you’re left with a sheet of hard, flat, semi-transparent shatter concentrate that is broken (or shattered) into pieces to portion and package it.

Traditional shatter is brittle to the touch, with a smooth and consistent texture. Its beautiful sheen, glass-like appearance and long-lasting effects on the body and mind make it a popular marijuana concentrate.

Sugar Wax

Our sugar wax product is a cousin of the pull-n-snap shatter, also starting its manufacturing journey as a high-grade, full-extract ethanol hash oil.

After skillful agitation and time in the vacuum oven, sugar wax is created. Sugar wax has a waxy, crystalline consistency (similar to clumpy, wet sugar). Depending on the marijuana strain used and extraction process, among other variables, sugar wax can range in color anywhere from light gold all the way to dark amber.

With high potencies, cannabis sugar wax generally isn’t recommended for beginning marijuana users. A common way to consume sugar wax is through dabbing (a form of inhalation, similar to a bong). Cannabis concentrate users prefer sugar wax over other forms of concentrates because it can be made in very high potency levels and it works well with a dab mat (among other dabbing tools).