Solvent-Free Marijuana Extraction

Unlike cold wash ethanol extraction, which uses ethanol grain alcohol as a solvent to remove the plant’s naturally occurring cannabinoids (ex. THC & CBD), there are several manufacturing techniques and pieces of equipment that allow for cannabis extraction without needing any sort of solvent.

“Solventless extraction” means that no other compounds or chemicals are needed to separate the THC from the plant material. The most common forms are solvent-free extraction rely on heat, pressure, water, or a combination of those items in order to manufacture cannabis concentrates.

Rosin (Cold Creek Extracts rosin melt) is created by placing some sort of high-quality cannabis material between sheets of food grade parchment paper, then placing it between two hot, metal plates. When the right amount of pressure is applied, the plant releases oils from its glandular trichomes.


This sticky concentrate is known as ‘rosin’, and doesn’t need to go through any additional processing in order to be safe to consume, because no solvents or chemicals were used in the production process.

Rosin is just one example of a pure and clean solventless marijuana product that can be safely created in a manufacturing lab for public consumption.