Cold Creek Extracts Products

All of the marijuana concentrate products we make at Cold Creek Extracts are created using high quality, Alaska-grown starting materials. We’re passionate about the cannabis plant’s endless possibilities, and we’re proud to share our selection of carefully crafted cannabis concentrates, edibles, and THC topicals with other Alaskans.


If you’re in Alaska and looking to purchase a selection of our products at a marijuana retail store, you can check ahead on Weedmaps to see what products each specific cannabis retailer currently has in stock.


Or if you’re an Alaska marijuana retail shop interested in carrying our expanding product line, check out our wholesale menu on our LeafLink profile or you can contact us online.


Canna Caps (edible)

With each capsule containing 5mg THC and varying amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids, our Canna Caps are a popular pre-portioned edible product.

StrawberryDiesel PNS-0032.jpg

Pull’n’snap Shatter

With beautiful natural colors and soft glass-like texture and shine, our Pull-n-Snap Shatter contains all of the cannabis plant’s strain-specific flavor profiles.


Sugar Wax

Cannabis wax has been a long-time favorite for many concentrate users, and it comes in several forms. Our sugar wax has a great visual crystalline texture and a smooth, full-bodied smoking experience.


Alaskan Rescue Balm (Topical)

Our long-time home recipe for Alaskan Rescue Balm is a wonderful marijuana topical product, meaning you rub it into your skin for direct cannabinoid absorption in whatever muscle group needs ‘rescuing’.

MAC Rosin Melt HRO-0001ed.jpg

Rosin Melt

Rosin is extracted without the use of any solvents, creating a terpene-rich marijuana concentrate where you truly get to experience the plant’s unique scents and flavors of the strain itself.