The Lab


Welcome to the Cold Creek Extracts Lab. This is where we process quality, naturally-grown cannabis materials to create high-grade, clean concentrates, topical & edible products for Alaska’s legal marijuana market. Our laboratory contains state-of-the-art equipment, utilizing two primary methods of cannabis cannabinoid and terpene extraction: cold wash ethanol extraction & solvent-free extraction.

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Our Story

When Alaska voted to create a legal marijuana market, we knew there was an immediate need for a concentrate manufacturer to create cannabis products that serve a bigger purpose than just getting people “high” (but hey - that’s fun, too).

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Cold-Wash Ethanol Cannabis Extraction

Using cold grain alcohol as a solvent to separate the THC from the plant material, we then utilize specialized equipment to separate & remove the alcohol, leaving only the primary ingredient for cannabinoid-rich cannabis concentrates.

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Solvent-Free Cannabis Extraction

With the right understanding of specific marijuana strains and the science behind extraction, it’s possible to create a selection of cannabis concentrate products that have never been touched by solvents (like alcohol or butane) or a pressurized system.