Solventless Cannabis Concentrate: Rosin Melts

Marijuana lovers who can appreciate the specific terpene profiles of each strain tend to gravitate toward solventless extraction concentrates, meaning products that were manufactured without the use of any solvent materials (like butane, CO2 or ethanol).

Cannabis rosin is created by placing marijuana plant material between high-pressure, heated plates. With the right combination of pressure, temperature and time, this process releases oil from the cannabis trichomes, separating the cannabinoid-rich oils from the fibrous plant materials.

Because no solvents have touched our rosin at any point during production, Cold Creek Extracts rosin melts are a uniquely flavorful, naturally tasting product that plant lovers crave.

  • Always manufactured without chemicals

  • No added flavors or diluents

  • Hand-crafted in small-batches

  • Strain-specific concentrate

  • All-natural terpenes

  • Created in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska