The Story Behind Cold Creek Extracts


Here’s our story…

We’re not just marijuana manufacturers - we’re avid users of our own product and have crafted THC and CBD products based around our own needs and the needs of our customers.

One of Cold Creek Extracts’ owners and founders, Cade, had been suffering from medically diagnosed irreparable muscatel/skeletal pain for years. After being prescribed almost every kind of steroidal medication and other harsh chemicals that are known to be both addictive and cause long-term damage to the liver and other internal organs, he began reading international case studies on cannabis use, learning about the human body’s endocannabinoid system, and self-medicating using cannabis to alleviate his physical pain.

The State of Alaska currently doesn’t acknowledge a medical marijuana market. All cannabis sold within the legal market must be called “recreational” for legal purposes, which is why Cold Creek Extracts products don’t tout any specific medical benefits. We legally can’t use the word ‘medical’ to describe our products, and no official medical studies have ever been done on our products.

That said, many of the products created in the Cold Creek Extracts lab in Anchorage, Alaska, are inspired by home recipes that helped Cade significantly reduce the amount of prescription medication he needed to consume in order to manage what will most likely be lifelong pain.*

One of his favorite products is the Alaskan Rescue Balm, a topical THC ointment/moisturizer. This lightly scented balm allows you to apply THC and other cannabinoids to be absorbed directly into the skin, wherever it’s applied.

The Cold Creek Extracts team is also passionate about making concentrates without the use of butane or other harsh solvents that leave state-allowed traces of residual chemicals in the final product. By selecting the right starting cannabis material with the right blend of naturally-derived terpenes, that’s all our concentrates need. And we don’t add fake flavoring or colors, ever. We only ingest the best - and we thought our customers would feel the same way, too.

*The State of Alaska requires us to specifically state that Cade’s life story is anecdotal, and his unique, personal experience is purely his own - not a broad, blanket medical claim that anyone else will see the same effects.